How well do you know Robin Padilla?

If you think you know Robin Padilla, well, think again.

Robinhood “Robin” Padilla has become the perennial symbol of the “bad boy” image – a personal moniker that he took on for himself for many years. This unique image is the x-factor behind his success as a Filipino action star and celebrity, as one can argue that nobody else personifies it better than he does.

But who is the real Robin Padilla? Is he the same “bad boy” macho action star when the cameras and stage lights are turned off?

Those questions lingered in our minds when we ventured into Robin’s dressing room and ambushed him with a set of questions he hadn’t seen beforehand.

The interview started with random questions about his wardrobe and leather jackets – mostly trivial stuff. As the interview wore on, we asked him a couple of questions that gave us, and anyone who reads or listens to his answers, plenty of insight on who Robin Padilla, the man, really is.

Robin on being “Pogi”

The first insightful question was about being “pogi”.

Almost every male celebrity must have encountered this question at least once in his career. And we dare say that how he answers reveals a lot about his character and values.

Mahirap ba maging pogi?


Ang depinisyon ng pogi, depende yan kung ano yung pogi sa ‘yo.

Kasi may pogi sa mukha lang, pero pag kausap gusto mong buhusan na lang ng tubig, ‘di ba?

Ang mas gusto ko ‘yung hindi ka pogi sa itsura, kundi masarap kang kasama… pogi kang kasama.

Mas importante sa ’kin yun.

[Is it difficult to be handsome? His answer – The true meaning of being handsome depends on how you view a person. Because there are men who are just handsome on the outside, but are actually scumbags when you try talking to them, right? What I prefer is not just good looks, but someone nice and pleasant to be with. You have to wonderful to be with, to be truly “handsome”. That’s what’s important for me.]

Robin on Desire vs. Duty

Next, we asked him on how it feels to be the “idol” of the masses, or how he copes with the pressure. And truth be told, we were quite surprised on how he answered it.

Mahirap ba maging idol?

Mahirap maging ako, sa sarili ko.

Bawat tao… wala namang makakapagsabing tao na na-conquer na niya ‘yung sarili niya.

Ako every day struggle ‘yun. Ang gusto kasing gawin nung other side na Robin, matulog na lang, mag-alaga ng anak, romansahin ‘yung asawa ko.

‘Yun na lang ‘yung gusto kong gawin e, ‘yun ‘yung Robin.

Kaya lang merong isang Robin, na kailangan mong bumangon, kailangan mong magtrabaho, kailangan mong magsilbi sa tao…

Mahirap… kasi choice between sa GUSTO mong gawin at yung DAPAT mong gawin.

[Is it difficult to be an “idol”? His answer – What’s difficult is to be “me”; to be myself. Who can honestly say that he has already conquered his true self? For me, it’s like a daily struggle. One side of Robin just wants to sleep all he wants, spend time with the kids, make love to my wife. That’s what I really want to do, that’s one Robin. However, there’s another Robin who needs to get up early every day, who needs to make a living, who needs to serve the people. It’s really difficult, because it’s always a choice between what you WANT to do, and what you HAVE to do.]

Based on those answers, and how he talked with us “ambush interviewers”, we dare say that Robin Padilla is not the “bad boy” we’ve come to know, anymore. He’s moved on now; on to something greater.

While Robin talked, those eyes of his sparkled with wisdom – an innate fire that has matured and kindled into a passionate purpose. That sort of flame that could ignite a meaningful change among those who would listen. Something greater, yes. Something like, “Idol ng Bayan”.

***Contributed by Robin Padilla Global Fans Club

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