Jaclyn Jose expresses admiration for daughter Andi who’s celebrating her birthday

Image via Jaclyn Jose and Andi Eigenmann's Instagram accounts
  • Veteran actress Jaclyn Jose expressed her admiration for her daughter Andi Eigenmann
  • Andi is now 28 years old and for the first time celebrating her birthday without her daughter Ellie

Veteran actress Mary Jane Santa Ana Guck, more popularly known as Jaclyn Jose, may have earned international critical acclaim in her career, but first and foremost, she’s a mother to Andi Eigenmann; so it’s not surprising that she’s very much into her daughter’s life and welfare.

On Instagram, she posted a photo of Andi and Ellie, her granddaughter, on the occasion of her daughter’s 28th birthday; expressing how she admires Andi more.

“1st time that you celebrated your bday with out Ellie, i ask you why? You said minsan lang mag graduate si Jake i can always have her more of my Birthday.i agree with that ok lang kasi mas lalo mo ako pinapahanga sa pag mamahal mo kay Ellie..so proud of you for having level headed. ingat lang anak sa dagat.”

Image via Jaclyn Jose’s Instagram post

The doting mom has always been protective of Andi and Ellie; her daughter’s child with Jake Ejercito.

It turns out that Andi allowed Ellie to attend her father’s graduation in Singapore despite it being her birthday since she would have more birthdays anyway. Bottomline is that the former couple have obviously settled their differences and have both decided to be the best parents they could be for Ellie although they’re now leading separate lives.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn also posted a video of Ellie singing “Imagine” by the Beatles, except that the child didn’t want to be videoed. Apparently, grandma Jaclyn was driving then and Ellie was seated at the back.

She became nostalgic as she shared that she remembers so vividly when little Andi herself was at the back seat and also singing: “exact line, tone. You are a carbon copy of Ellie.”

For Andi,

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Andi is making a showbiz comeback after a hiatus and is set to star in the movie “The Maid in London”.

She’ll play the role of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and will be joined by actor Matt Evans.

She clarified that she didn’t really turn her back on the industry; rather, she’s just being picky with regards to projects.

“Just wanting to give myself another chance like to ‘do me’ and I said ‘I wanted to quit and get out of the showbiz life’ but it didn’t [mean] quit the life of an actor,” she said as per an ABS CBN story; adding that she’s no longer a Manilenya but a local of Baler, Aurora.

And indeed, she’s obviously loving life in Baler.

Image via Andi Eigenmann’s Instagram post