Joel Cruz reveals he’s expecting his seventh child soon

Image via Joel Cruz's Instagram account
  • Joel Cruz announced his incoming seventh child
  • He revealed that he’s expecting a baby boy
  • He also said that he’s planning to have another set of twins

‘Lord of Scent’ Joel Cruz revealed in an announcement during an interview with PEP that he’s having another child soon and the baby is going to be the seventh surrogate child.

We all know that the ‘Afficionado Perfume’ CEO already have 3 pairs of twins and he’s currently enjoying the parenthood.

He is supposed to have another set of twins but unfortunately, one of the twins didn’t make it.

My 6 children greeting their lola on her 89th bday!

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“Itong susunod ay isa lang at lalaki yung kasunod kong anak. Supposed to be kambal din sana gusto ko kaso hindi kumapit yung isa at isa lang yung nabuo. Eight months na siya, one month left lalabas na rin siya.” Joel revealed.

[The next one is solo, male. I wanted to have another set of twins but one didn’t make it, only one did. He’s eight months inside the womb and in one month he’ll be out.]

He also shared his son’s physical features compared to his other siblings based on the result of the sonogram.

The solo parent exclaimed that this will definitely be not the last child. He wants to have another set of twins and maybe they will be the last.

“No. Hindi pa ito ang last. Meron pa akong planong kambal pa na susunod, pero baka this time, last na talaga ‘yung kambal na ‘yun,” he said.

[ No. This is not the last. I am planning to have another set of twins, but maybe this time, the next twins would really be the last.]

Joel is also hoping that they’ll make it this time.

When daddy is not around, my kids will play with cosmetics on their faces

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