K-Pop iKon’s Jinhwan speaks in Visayan, reveals he used to live in the Philippines

Images by Jinhwan via Facebook page
  • Jinhwan of K-Pop group iKon revealed that he once lived in the Philippines
  • He showed off his skills in the Filipino language by saying, “Mahal namin kayo” and in Visayan, “Sakit akong tiyan, sakit akong ilong” [My stomach hurts, my nose hurts]
  • He added that leaving away from his home made him lonely and realized that music was a way to be happy again

Filipino fans of popular K-pop group iKon have more reasons to love them. One of their members, Jinhwan, just revealed that he had a bit of Filipino love when he lived in the Philippines.

Image by Jinhwan iKon via Facebook page

K-Pop fans are raving over a video by Arirang KPop on Facebook showing Jinhwan speaking up about his stay in the country. The K-Pop idol revealed seven months before he was launched into stardom as a member of iKon, that he stayed in the Philippines. Jinhwan showed off what he learned in Filipino by saying “Mahal namin kayo.” He also jokingly spoke in Visayan and said, “Sakit akong tiyan, sakit akong ilong,” which means my stomach and nose are hurting.

Image by Jinhwan iKon via Facebook page

In a translation by Push, Jinhwan also revealed how lonely he felt being away from his homeland. It was through music that he was able to express himself and found happiness again.

You can watch the video from Arirang KPOP via Facebook page:

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Posted by Arirang KPOP on Tuesday, June 13, 2017