“Kung iisipin mong mahirap, mahirap talaga”: Buboy Villar shares life as a young dad

Images by Buboy Villar via Instagram account
  • Buboy Villar is a young dad at 20 years old
  • He shared that his priorities changed since he had a baby
  • He advised teenagers who have plans to raise a family to think twice, especially if they have hesitations

Buboy Villar is one happy and proud family man. At 20 years old, he has an adorable 9-month-old baby with his partner, Angillyn Gorens.

Buboy admitted that his priorities shifted since he became a father.

He shared with Pep, “Actually, wala namang nabago sa mismong personalidad ko. Kung may nabago man, siguro ‘yung time, kasi nahahati na. Hindi na muna sa barkada, kumbaga focus na lang muna sa baby talaga.” [Not much has changed with my personality but on how I manage my time. I don’t have time for friends, my focus is on the baby.]

Image by Buboy Villar via Instagram account


The young dad shared that he has been working and saving hard for his family. He said that they initially wanted 5 children but since Angillyn gave birth via Cesarean, they are only allowed up to 3. Buboy shared, “Work work work muna at ipon muna nang ipon.” [Working hard and saving more.]

When asked if being a family man is hard, Buboy said, “Actually hindi e! Kung iisipin mo mahirap, mahirap talaga. Pero ako kasi, lagi akong positive na tao, e.” [Not really,. If you think it’s hard, it will be. But I’m a very positive person.]

Buboy also gave advice to teenagers like him who plan to start a family early. He said that, “Payo ko lang, kung ayaw n’yo pa, huwag n’yo talagang gawin.” [If you have hesitations, don’t do it.]

Buboy’s partner,  American national Angillyn Serrano Gorens, gave birth last year to their baby girl named, Vlanz Karollyn.

Image by Buboy Villar via Instagram account
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