LOOK: “Betty La Fea” actress’ life now

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  • “Betty La Fea” star Ana Maria Orozco became one of the most successful celebrities today
  • She is now a mother of two girls named Lucrecia and Mia
  • Her telenovela hit “Yo soy Betty, la fea” (“I am Betty, the Ugly One”) was aired in the Philippines way back in 2001
  • Dozens of versions have been made in other countries including the Philippines which was entitled “I Love Betty La Fea”

If you’re a ‘telenovela’ fan, I’m sure you know “Betty La Fea” so well. It’s about an ugly duckling story of Beatriz “Betty” Aurora Pinzon Solano who transformed into a pretty woman.

But where is Betty now?

It wouldn’t be a surprise that Ana Maria Orozco, the actress who portrayed Betty’s character, would become one of the most successful celebrities today.

Aside from being a happy mother of her two lovely daughters named Lucrecia and Mia, the Colombian actress remained in her stardom today as one of the most sought after celebrity in Colombia.

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According to Pilipino Scoop’s story, Ana portrayed her famous “Betty” role again last year but this time in a theatrical play “Betty en Teatro”.

The Colombian series “Yo soy Betty, la fea” [“I am Betty, the Ugly One”] was first aired in GMA network in 2001. It became such a hit that a sequel, “Eco Moda” was aired a year after in ABS-CBN network.

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The series became so popular not only in the Philippines. In fact, dozens of remakes have been made in other countries since then.

A remake called “I Love Betty La Fea” was made back in 2008 and was aired in ABS-CBN. Kapamilya stars Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz played the main characters.

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