Mom greets Claudia Barretto for being a ‘silver academic awardee’ on her graduation day

Images via @marjbarretto's Instagram account
  • Marjorie Barretto congratulated her daughter Claudia Barretto for receiving a recognition during her graduation day
  • Young singer Claudia just graduated from high school 
  • She was a ‘silver academic awardee’

Apparently, young singer Claudia Barretto is not only gifted with a singing prowess — but also blessed with intelligence.

On Instagram, Marjorie Barretto congratulated her daughter Claudia, who just finished high school, for receiving a recognition during her graduation day.

“Congratulations to my Claudia, my silver academic awardee. You have brought me so much pride and joy,” Marjorie wrote.

She assured her daughter that she will remain by her side no matter what.

“God bless you on your new journey to college. You have my love and my support wherever life may take you,” she said.

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Claudia’s proud siblings Dani Barretto, Joshlia other half Julia Barretto, Leon Barretto, and Erich Barretto were all present during such special event.

Image via @marjbarretto’s Instagram account

Claudia is planning to take up a business management course at the Ateneo de Manila University.

She will study such as she continues her journey in the music industry. To note, while the Barretto Family is known for acting, Claudia began a showbiz career to pursue her passion in singing.