“Nakatira sa ilalim ng tulay”: Whitney Tyson shares difficult life away from showbiz

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube channel
  • Whitney Tyson admitted to living under the Nagtahan Bridge for 15 years
  • She got emotional and said she couldn’t understand why her neighbors hated them
  • She hopes that a producer would once again give her a job in showbiz

Whitney Tyson used to be a household name in the late 1980’s to early 90’s for her comedy. But life has changed for the comedian and Whitney admitted that it had been tough.

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube channel

After losing projects, Whitney shared that she had to live under the Nagtahan Bridge for 15 years. Whitney shared with Korina Sanchez on Rated K, “Dito ko lahat naranasan, ‘yung hirap, ‘yung saya, ‘yung sakit. Ang pinakamahirap na naranasan namin dito ‘yung madaling araw na sinunog kami.” [This is where I experienced all the struggles, the happiness, the pain. The most difficult experience was when we were burned at dawn.]

When she finally transferred to a resettlement area, Whitney’s neighbors were harsh at them.

She said, “Andiyan ang batuhin kami, andiyan ang pati bola binabalibag sa bubong namin, parang inuunti na dini-destroy ang bahay na binigay sa akin. Tapos ang mga dialogue nila, laos ka na!” [They would throw rocks at us and throw balls on our roof. They were slowly destroying the house given to me. They would always tell me that I am a “forgotten” celebrity.]

Whitney, who lives with her mother, couldn’t understand all the hate hurled at them.

She said, “Kasi kami lang ang naiiba ng nanay ko. Dalawa kaming negra. Nagtaka siguro sila bakit ako nagkaron ng bahay, although karapatan ko naman ‘yun kasi Pilipina ako e.” [Maybe because we are different. They probably thought we don’t deserve the house but it’s my right because I am a Filipino.]

Nowadays, Whitney goes around provinces, even in Batangas, to host during fiestas. She also works in a videoke bar and does all “rakets” offered to her. She got emotional and said that she only has one wish, “Simple lang. Tanggapin muli ako ng producer kahit anong estasyon, bigyan ako ng trabaho.” [Simple, I hope to be accepted by any producer from any station and give me a job.]

Thanks to Rated K she was featured by Korina on June 3. Who knows? A new break might still be in store for Whitney.

You may also watch the video from ABS-CBN News’ Youtube channel: