NFA rice at P27 per kilo now available in Metro Manila public markets

Image via NewsToGo YouTube channel
  • NFA rice now available in Metro Manila Markets
  • The National Food Authority (NFA) management ensured there’ll be sufficient buffer stock for the entire country
  • NFA rice at P27 and P32/kg was earlier distributed in Central Luzon, Bicol, Northern Mindanao and Caraga regions

For real?

Just recently the National Food Authority (NFA) management vowed they will ensure that the entire country will have sufficient buffer stock; this after the agency started distributing low-priced, good quality NFA rice in Metro Manila markets starting June 26, 2018.

The press release by NFA disclosed that rice at P27 and P32/kg was earlier distributed in Central Luzon, Bicol, Northern Mindanao and Caraga regions.

NFA administrator Jason Aquino expressed that they have seen “how the poor and low-income patrons, who mostly rely on NFA rice as their only option for their daily meals, suffered in the midst of rising prices as a result of new tax measures” ; stressing that the agency  will not allow that to happen again.

He also made mention that NFA cannot be blamed for the depletion of its buffer stocks that resulted to the temporary absence of NFA rice in the market; saying: “As we have repeatedly explained, we saw this coming as early as last year. The problem is that our economic managers didn’t believe us, and when the problem got worse, we had to go straight to the President to seek his intervention.”

Administrator Jason Aquino tries cooked NFA rice at an accredited NFA retail outlet in Muñoz market (Images via NFA Facebook page)

The presence of NFA rice in the markets, he said, had always been cited as a hinge against inflation; reiterating that “The absence of NFA rice has been blamed for the increase in commercial rice prices and high inflation; a problem that could have been avoided if they listened to us when we proposed solutions early on.” 

Aquino had personally supervised the distribution of rice back in Metro Manila markets, the NFA report disclosed; adding that they  waited for the weather to clear up in order for the imported rice shipments – which came from Vietnam and Thailand – to be finally delivered to the NFA warehouses.

Those are the only countries with whom the Philippines has a memorandum of agreement with regards to rice importation.

Under the Presidential approval, the NFA had to resort to government-to-government procurement, which is the fastest means to acquire the much-needed buffer stocks for food security and price and supply stabilization, the NFA report further said.

Meanwhile, watch this video shared by News to Go via YouTube re availability of the NFA rice: