OFW’s Romcom proposal video draws ‘kilig’ reactions

Imahe mula sa Facebook post ni Roselyn Kasilag
  • An OFW in Taiwan proposed to his girlfriend
  • His girlfriend guessed beforehand a proposal was coming and reacted in a funny way
  • The clip has gone viral and is drawing positive vibes

An OFW probably thought he had the best proposal plan in mind when he asked his girlfriend to stroll at a park. However, his quick-thinking GF busted his proposal by saying the question first.

On his Facebook account, Taiwan-based OFW Aljun Casue posted a clip of his proposal to his girlfriend, Roselyn Kasilag, also an OFW in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The romantic yet funny video has drawn kilig and laughter from netizens.

Apparently, Kasilag was due to go back home to her native land and Casue just couldn’t let her go back home yet without getting a proposal from him.

So he set up a plan to propose to his lady love while they were together at a park; conniving with his girlfriend’s sister.

Imahe mula sa Facebook post ni Aljun Casue

But things took a different turn when Kasilag saw her sister approaching the park bench where they were having a meal and it dawned on her that something was up. Why? Because her sister came with a floral bouquet and handed something to Casue.

It was obvious in the video clip that Kasilag has a vibrant personality, and mincing no words, she made it known – in a hilarious way – that the cover up was an epic fail. “Buking na!”

She then hastily proceeded to ask her boyfriend that supposed-to-be magical question before he could formally ask her to be his future wife.

Looks like they could look forward to a future together that’s full of humor and laughter.

The clip which has gone viral – over 4 million views on Facebook – reached the Kapuso network and was aired via Unang Balita.


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