Pinoy seaman falls off ship, miraculously survived 4 hours at sea while shark circled him

Image from the USCG District 7
  • A Filipino seaman fell off a ship without his ship mates noticing
  • A huge shark two times his size circled around him
  • The seaman spent four hours in the waters and swam 4 miles before he was rescued

A 23-year-old Filipino seaman related his harrowing experience when he fell off the ship into the sea.

In a post in “Seaman Problems” Facebook page, Loregie Moscoso narrated that he was on duty for the 04.00-08.00 schedule when the Chief Officer ordered him and his workmate to un-lash the cargo containers so that it would be ready for discharge upon reaching the port.

He said the Bosun and a deck trainee joined him in unlashing the cargo containers, but they were on the port side of the ship while he was at the starboard side. He said the distance between them was not that big and that he can still see them. He thought they could also see him.

Moscoso in his hospital bed Image from Ging Moscoso via Facebook

He was loosening the turning buckle when he made a step, but there was nothing to step on and he fell into the pitch black sea. No one noticed when he fell overboard. He shouted “man overboard” several times, but no one heard him.

Moscoso said he cried seeing his ship sail away while he was in the waters.

To stay afloat, he took off his coveralls and his safety shoes because they were heavy. He was down to his sleeveless shirts and shorts. He swam without a life vest.

He thought of using his hand held radio to call his ship mates, but it was in his coveralls that had gone undersea when he took it off.

When the sun started to rise, he said he could see buildings from an island and decided to swim towards it. He said he saw a couple of small boats and yachts and yelled for help, but nobody noticed him. While swimming towards the island, a big shark, two times his size, started circling him. He thought it would be his end, but he continued swimming. Eventually, the shark left.

It was at that point when he saw a rescue helicopter. A few seconds later, a US Coast Guard boat picked him up and took him to a hospital. He survived to tell his story.