Scary or funny? Netizen shares video of driverless tricycle on busy road

Image capture of videoes by Kwentong Kamote and Ilocos Breezy's Facebook posts
  • Video of a moving driverless tricycle on busy roadwent viral
  • The ones who witnessed the odd vehicle later found out that there was indeed a driver but he was inside the sidecar
  • The authorities advise the public to be careful always on the road

With the advancement of technology, we’ve heard of driverless cars or even flying objects on auto-pilot. However, there are things left unexplained by science, and there are also things that you will have to see to believe in order to explain what or how on Earth it happened.

A video shared by netizen  Jillianne Jill on Facebook caught the attention of online users.

Click the image to watch the video shared by Jillianne Jill via Facebook

It can be heard that the one who was taking the video was shocked at first upon seeing the weirdness of a moving, driverless tricycle.

Traffic was also visible as other vehicles passed by including a truck; proof that it was shot on a live, busy road.

But after a while, a man’s head poppped out from the sidecar to the relief of the witnesses and it was all laughter after the initial scare.

GMA News covered the scary/funny incident and it was shared on national television:

Here’s the original video with the car passengers’ audible voices, shared by Jillianne Jill on her Facebook page:

About 5 months ago, another video of a similar incident was also shared by the Facebook page Ilocos Breezy. Watch this:

Is this becoming a trend or it’s a common thing in the provinces? Why do the tricycle drivers do that?

One guess is that they don’t want to get wet in the rain so they won’t get sick. Another is “trip lang”; meaning they just felt like doing it for fun’s sake.

But seriously, don’t ever ever try this “driverless” driving on the road. It’s not safe.