Simon Cowell wants ‘Sacred Riana’ away, hits the buzzer on America’s Got Talent

Image capture of video by America's Got talent via YouTube account
  • Sacred Riana auditioned for America’s Got Talent season 13
  • She got three yeses from the judges
  • Simon Cowell insisted on saying no, advised her to watch more Disney movies

Winner of the second season of Asia’s Got Talent Sacred Riana recently auditioned for the 13th season of America’s Got Talent (AGT) — and Simon Cowell hit the buzzer, seems unimpressed, wanted the contestant to go away.

The contestant, as per the audition video posted by America’s Got Talent on YouTube, got to the AGT stage without speaking words — only facial gestures.

She dropped the doll she’s carrying as she began her performance — went to the panel while they were making a ‘cross’ sign.

The young woman brought out a newspaper clip and photographs from a box. Put the photos on Mel B.’s desk and showed the newspaper, asked her to pick one. She chose “Bob”.

Simon, then, hits the buzzer to seemingly break the silence.

Sacred Riana took a picture of Mel B.

Image capture from America’s Got Talent’s YouTube video

She later disclosed the complete newspaper article with the photograph of “Bob” — on the report.

The panel was more spooked after showing the picture she took — it was “Bob” at Mel B.’s back.

“Look at that. No way. No way, now,” said Howie Mandel.

Image capture from America’s Got Talent’s YouTube video

Sacred Riana got three yeses from the panel of judges except for Simon who wanted her to “watch more Disney movies” and insisted on saying no.

When asked by Howie why he hit the buzzer, as published on Jakarta Post, he said he wanted her to go away.

The three judges claim they were scared but they wanted to see more from her that is why they said ‘yes.’

Riana, from Indonesia, is a magician and illusionist known for not breaking her creepy character even offstage.

Here’s Riana’s audition video uploaded by America’s Got Talent on YouTube: