Son banned from contacting parents for 5 years after constantly pestering them for money

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  • A young father has been constantly pestering his parents, begging for money
  • The parents had to ask the court to implement the restraining order
  • He is now banned from contacting them for five years

A 24-year-old man from Hampshire in the United Kingdom was prevented by court from getting in touch with his parents after he kept on pestering them; begging for money last year.

However, the court order seems to have not stopped young father Matthew Kerley from doing what he did best – constantly begging for money from his parents.

Kerley, a father-of-two and whose job is restoring aircrafts, was already jailed for 32 weeks last year for constantly harassing family members.

After getting out, he went back to his old ways and kept on pestering his parents again. His father, Paul, 60, said the harassment from their son caused him and his 51-year-old wife Coreen “extreme anxiety and stress”.

Paul said he had no other choice but to support the restraining order against his son suggested by the Crown Prosecution Service in 2017.

30 calls in a day

Just last month, according to  Hampshire’s Southampton Magistrates’ Court prosecutor Liam Hunt, the young Kerley called his parents 30 times in a single day, and some of the calls were made in the middle of the night.

“He told his parents he had a job interview and needed to shave, but his shaver had broken halfway through,” Hunt told the court. “He asked his parents for money, which they gave him, but he then turned up with a full beard.”

Besides the calls, messages were also sent to the parents criticizing them, before asking for money yet again.

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He has to stop

Kerley’s defense lawyer, Julie Macey, said her client fully understood that his actions had to stop, and the jail time supposedly did him “the world of good”.

Also, Macey explained that Kerley’s benefits were being sent to the parent’s account but that had been fixed already.

“He has a friend to go and stay with now, so things are looking up. He acknowledges he caused his parents a lot of stress and anxiety, and that it had to stop,” the lawyer added.

Due to his actions, the court’s restraining order against Kerley has been extended for five years.