This beautiful young athlete is an ex-PBA player’s daughter

Images via Christiana Gabrielle Dimaunahan's Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • The daughter of former Philippine Basketball Association player Aries Dimaunahan is now a young lady
  • Christiana Gabrielle Dimaunahan is now an athlete
  • The beautiful young woman plays for UST’s Growling Tigresses

A lot of social media users has been noticing the beauty and skills of young athlete Christiana Gabrielle Dimaunahan. But not everyone knows that she is actually the daughter of former Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player Aristeo “Aries” Dimaunahan.

Now a young lady, Christiana has been playing for the UST’s Growling Tigresses.

Image via Christiana Gabrielle Dimaunahan’s Instagram account

Aside from playing basketball, Christiana is also in love with literary. She has been posting her poems on Instagram.

Image via Christiana Gabrielle Dimaunahan’s Instagram account

And she has written a very beautiful and sweet piece for her father’s 40th birthday.

“Dad, reality may be engulfed by endless uncertainties but I do hope you never stop dreaming with me. I look at you when the future seems to hold nothing else but failure and frustration and when I tend to believe that passion will lead me nowhere. I think of you and I feel completely in place again,” read her post.

“A lot of things are, in my point of view, impossible; yet you look at me and see a woman who is much, much bigger than her limitations. I live day-by-day in hopes of being enough; but in your eyes, I am already beyond and more without having to try. In your eyes, I am invincible. In your eyes, I am unstoppable. In your eyes, I am unconquerable. In your eyes, I am victorious. In my eyes, dad, you are home. You are comfort. You are peace. You are hope. You are courage. You are everything,” it further stated.

Here’s the whole piece: