This Filipino teen made over 60 inventions including shoes that charge your gadgets

  • A Filipino teen is a proud inventor of over 66 DIY gadgets and inventions
  • Angelo Casimiro’s most famous invention is an energy-generating shoes wherein the more you run, the more gadgets you can charge
  • He has also made other DIY gadgets such as smartphone projector using a shoebox, portable solar powerbank

Meet this young Filipino student who is totally making his mark as a young inventor.

Angelo Casimiro is a 20-year-old student from De La Salle University Manila. The brainy teen has been posting his inventions on Do-It-Yourself website – Instructables – since he was 10 years old. He has made over 66 DIY inventions and gadgets; some have even made it on the news.

Image by Angelo Casimiro via Instructables

Back in 2014, his most famous invention was the energy-generating shoes. Casimiro was only 15 years old when he invented an “in-sole generator,” which can charge personal devices like smartphones. It transforms human movement into energy.

Casimiro said his tests showed he can charge a 400mAh lithium ion battery by jogging eight straight hours.

The teen inventor has even made his very own life-size BB-8 – exactly like the one in Star Wars Episode that is controlled via a smartphone.

Casimiro also made DIY smartphone film scanner, DIY bookshelf speakers, smartphone projector using a shoebox, portable solar powerbank, DIY vital sign monitor and many others.

Image by Angelo Casimiro via Instructables

“Behind my back, are 10 magical butterfly clips pulling my XXS shirt together,” he posted on his Facebook account.

You can watch the feature on Casimiro from History channel via Facebook page:

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