‘Tipid tips’: Netizen shares how she was able to cut down on electricity bill by half

Images by Mery Mae Villasin via Facebook page
  • A netizen shared how she was able to cut their electricity bill in half
  • Mery Mae Villasin gave a few of her ‘tipid tips’ in conserving energy
  • She hoped her tips would be useful to others

A netizen shared her “tipid tips” on how their family was able to cut down on their electricity bill.

On Facebook group Peso Sense Savers, Mery Mae Villasin proudly showed off their electricity bills for the month of April and May. Villasin shared that for their month of April, with a due date of May 8, 2018, they had a total bill of P1,179.64. Their May electricity bill, however, went down to as much as P651.25.

Villasin shared a few tips on how they were able to conserve electricity. She wrote down the following “tipid tips:”

  • Use LED lights
  • Use inverter refrigerator
  • As much as possible, hand wash your laundry
  • Unplug all appliances when not in use
  • Seldom use TV since they use internet most of the time
  • Used electric fans with plastic instead of metal blades
  • Instead of aircon, used air cooler
  • Doesn’t make use of appliances that generate heat such as oven, electric stove etc.
  • Choose clothes to iron
  • Better to have bigger windows at home

Villasin hopes that somehow her tips would helps others as well.

Here’s the April electricty bill of Villasin’s family:

Images by Mery Mae Villasin via Facebook page

Here’s their bill after they tried a few energy-saving tips:

Images by Mery Mae Villasin via Facebook page

Worth giving it a try, right?

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