Triple joy cum laudes: Amazing triplets earn a degree in Agriculture, make parents truly proud

Image via Ace Pagaran's Facebook post
  • Triplets graduated from college with Latin honors
  • Ace, Jack and King Pagaran graduated cum laude in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Parents are overjoyed over every child’s graduation from college. Well, how would parents feel if three of their offspriings graduate at the same time and with the same latin honors?

And they happen to be triplets?

It’s definitely something to be truly proud of!

Indeed, triplets Ace, Jack and King Pagaran of Sta. Maria, Isabela made their family so proud with their latest achievement.

On his Facebook account Ace Pagaran started his status post with this: “Is this SOMETHING to be PROUD OF?? Sabi nila history daw, ngayon lang daw ito nangyare; Yung gagraduate kayo Bilang Isang Cum Laude. Hindi lang naman kayo Isa

Hindi lang din naman Dalawa 
Hind lang din basta Tatlo
Tatlo nga pero Triplets naman”

Image via Pixabay, ToNic-Pics

They recently graduated with honors – being cum laude – all three of them from the Provincial Technical Institute of Agriculture (PTIA) at Isabela State University Cabagan Campus; completing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

Amazing trio; that’s what they are.

Ace, in behalf of his brothers, thanked everyone who was part of their journey, especially their parents Leliza and Sonny Pagaran, whom they acknowledged as being untiring in their quest to support their children, despite acquiring a lot of loans.

He also expressed their gratitude to their grandparents, uncles and anties, relatives and friends; adding that mere “thank you” wouldn’t be enough for everything they’ve done for the triplets.

He also made mention of their Alma Maters which had been instrumental in shaping and molding them to become better versions of themselves.

Here’s their full post:

Image via Ace Pagaran’s Facebook post

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