UP cum laude dedicates success to special child brother; touches hearts online

Image via NJ Mora's Facebook account
  • University of the Philippines-Visayas cum laude NJ Mora dedicates his success to his special child brother
  • Mora studied Communication Arts in UPV-Tacloban College
  • His post touched a lot of hearts online

Graduating with honors from one of the best universities in the country tastes a lot sweeter if you would share it with your loved ones. University of the Philippines-Visayas (UPV) cum laude Nelson “NJ” Mora, Jr. dedicates such success to his special child brother.

Image via NJ Mora’s Facebook account

“They ask, ‘Where’s Kuya?’ You answer, ‘Kuya, UP school,'” Mora, who studied Communication Arts in UPV-Tacloban College, began his Facebook post.

Image via www.upv.edu.ph

“I draw strength from God. My strength is anchored with you, my brother. Kuya’s graduating, Jimboy! With God’s help, Kuya’s going to work his a** out for you. Kuya loves you so much,” he further expressed.

Mora’s post has touched a lot of hearts online.

“A true love from Kuya to Jimboy. Salute!” AC wrote.

“This made my day. Congrats, NJ Mora!” DL commented.

“Ahhhhh. This warms my heart. Congraaaaats!” expressed JC.

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