Villar hits back at advocacy group accusing her of blocking policies unfavorable to her family biz

Image capture from Cynthia Villar's FB photo
  • Advocacy group accused Sen. Cynthia Villar of using her position to favor her family’s businesses
  • Villar asks CLUP NOW: “Bakit nagagalit ba sila sa akin o pinupulitika nila ako?”
  • The senator said putting a land use agency will add more layers of paperwork to get a permit

Sen. Cynthia Villar responded to the accusations of Campaign for Land Use Policy NOW (CLUP NOW), an advocacy group, that accuses her of using her chairmanship of the Senate committees on agriculture and food, agrarian reform, and environment and natural resources in blocking policies that were unfavorable to her family’s businesses.

“Bakit ako palagi, Vista Land, ang pinupuna nila? Bakit nagagalit ba sila sa akin o pinupulitika nila ako,” Rappler quoted her saying Thursday at the sidelines of the Rice Achiever’s Awards.

[Why do they always criticize me and Vista Land? Why are they mad at me, or are they politicizing me?]

Image capture from Cynthia Villar’s FB photo

CLUP NOW said the lady senator blocked the proposed national land use act, which proposes a measure to create a national agency that will categorize land resources into protection, production, settlements development, and infrastructure development — a proposal pending in Congress for decades.

The group likewise claims that Vista Land, her family’s company, converted prime agricultural lands into real estate projects.

The senator replied that putting another land use agency will add more layers of paperwork to get the permit.

She added, there is no ban on land conversion and that they are not the only company doing a land conversion.

Image capture from Manny Villar’s FB photo

Local government, particularly mayors, Villar said, would get mad at her if she will support the measure.