“Work on forever”: Lee admits loving Pokwang more each day

Image by Pokwang via Facebook page
  • Lee O’Brian admitted how he loves his partner, Pokwang,  more each day
  • Pokwang also shared how important Lee is to her life
  • Pokwang said she’s proud to call Lee her “Papang”

Pokwang is indeed one happy woman. Aside from having a stable career, beautiful children, it also looks like she has found her “forever.”

Lee O’Brian shared on Magandang Buhay how Pokwang changed his life for the better. He admitted that he loves Pokwang now than before. The actor also said that he will always be there for her “mag-iina.” Lee said, “My plan is to be with her and Malia and work on that thing called ‘forever.’”

Image by Pokwang via Facebook page

Pokwang also shared how important Lee is to her life. Aside from being the father of her child, she learned from Lee how to be more patient. The comedienne said, “Sa kanya ko natutunan ‘yung maging mapagtimpi, habaan ang pasensya.” [I learned from him how to be more in control and be more patient.]

Pokwang also revealed that before, when she was a single mom she thought she could do everything. But when Lee came, she realized that she still has weaknesses which Lee helped her fill in. She fondly calls him her “Papang.”

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