Congratulations! Cebu-based guitar duo brings home gold medal in a world championship competition

Image capture from Sthanlee Mirador's FB photo
  • Guitar duo from Cebu bested in the World Championship of Performing Arts’ instrumentalist category
  • Fil-Am James Calacsan won the Senior Vocalist category of the competition
  • Philippines bagged 286 medals plaques and badges from WCOPA

Cebu-based guitar duo M Squared took home the title senior grand champion in the recently-concluded World Championship of Performing Arts’ instrumentalist category.

As per Good News Pilipinas, Miguel Ibaseta and Maxwel Soller composed M Squared. Ibaseta is a Grade 12 student at the University of San Jose-Recoletos where Soller teaches as a full-time instructor.

The two reportedly competed in five styles: classical, contemporary, jazz, open and original works; where they won silver medals in all categories before winning the WCOPA Grand Champion title.

Team Philippines, moreover, won Best in National Costume for the entire delegation and Gold Directorship, Super National Director for Gerry Mercado.

James Calacsan, Filipino-american singer, meanwhile, bested the Senior Vocalist category of the competition.

Overall, the country bagged 286 medals plaques and badges composed of 55 gold medals, 83 silver medals, 81 bronze medals, 34 division champion plaques and 33 semi-finalist badges.

Image capture from WCOPA Team Philippines’ FB photo

The senior grand champion of the World, as published by ABS-CBN News, was Cayman Islands representative Rita Estevonavich from the acting category.

South Africa’s Stefen Ogilvie got the title of junior grand champion of the world, also from the acting category.

WCOPA, as per GMA News, is the “one-and-only, Olympic-style international meet for aspiring performers and entertainers. It is held annually in the Hollywood area, the entertainment capital of the world.