Dedicated employee walks 20 miles to his first day in job; boss gives him a car as gift

Image from Pelham Police's Twitter page
  • A college student walked 20 miles to get to his first day in the job as a trainee at a moving company
  • The student’s car broke down a day before his first day at work
  • His impressed boss gave him a car

A college student walked twenty miles to his assignment as a trainee in a moving company on his first day of work.

Fox8 said Walter Carr’s car broke down a day before his first day of work but that did not deter him. He took a 4-hour nap before setting out on foot before midnight from his home in Homewood to Pelham.

It was Carr’s first day as a mover at Bellhops Moving company and did not want to miss his first shot at work.

Carr made it to Pelham after 4 hours. It was then that a local police officer saw him.

Officer Mark Knighten stopped Carr and asked if everything was ok. Carr explained he was walking to work and why.

Impressed by Carr’s politeness, Knighten, along with officers Klint Rhodes and Carl Perkinson, drove Carr to breakfast and also bought him lunch for takeaway. Afterward, they dropped him near a church – as it was the safest place during that early in the morning.

Carr then started walking again to his first clients’ home.

Image capture of video by Fox8

Scott Dufey, another police officer who was just starting his shift, was apparently impressed hearing about Carr’s story from his fellow officers. He then looked for the student and when he saw him he drove him over to the house of the client – Jenny Lamey; who happened to be Carr’s first job of the day.

The officer shared with Lamey how they found Carr and the circumstances of his 20-mile journey going to his first day at work.

So touched by his dedication, Lamey told Carr he could take a nap until the rest of the moving crew arrives, but Carr refused the offer. It was his choice to immediate starte working.

Impressed, Lamey posted the guy’s story on social media and it must have gotten viral enough to reach Bellhops Moving Company CEO Luke Marklin.

More good news followed Carr. After Marklin heard about his story, he drove to Carr’s home the following day to surprise him. He gave his car to Carr — a 2014 Ford Escort.

Lamey also started a GoFundMe campaign for Carr’s education. It became known that he wants to join the Marines before taking up a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy.

You’d want to watch the touching moment: