Ed Sheeran stops singing a song to go to toilet during concert

Image from Ed Sheeran's Instagram account
  • Ed Sheeran stopped his concert two times to go to the toilet
  • His 60,000 fans cheered after he went back to the stage
  • Sheeran explained that he drank so much water before the show

Ed Sheeran left the stage at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales while performing before 60,000 fans to answer the call of nature — two times.

Sheeran first stopped the concert after singing his hit song Galway Girl and went to the toilet backstage.

Three songs later, Sheeran stopped in the middle of singing Photograph. He apologized to the crowd; saying “I’m sorry Cardiff,” before running off to the toilet again.

His fans cheered when he returned to the stage and started the song again as if nothing happened.

Ed Sheeran Cardiff concert (Image from the Principality Stadium)

According to the Inquirer, the 27-year-old English singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and actor has since explained why he needed to pee two times.  In a TV talk show last June 30, he said he drank so much water before the start of his performance.

Ed Sheeran (Image from Ed Sheeran’s Instagram account)

Here’s Ed Sheeran’s explanation regarding the incident:

“Yeah, you know what; I’ve never done that before. You know, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

But I was only off stage for like a minute. I’ve never done it, I’ve never stepped off stage to do that before, so I was there, I was playing, I was singing, but it was getting worse and worse and worse, you know when you start sweating.

The problem is because I play the show solo, I can’t just be like “hey band, start playing” so I literally had to put the guitar down and be like ‘talk amongst yourselves. Usually, the adrenaline and all the water you drink, you sweat out. But I drank so much water before the show.”

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