Little girl attacked by shark in aquarium inside shopping mall

CCTV footage of the shark attack
  • A little girl was attacked by a shark in an aquarium inside a mall in China
  • The victim suffered deep gashes and multiple fractures in her right hand
  • The mall management promised to help in the girl’s hospitalization

The supposed to be leisure visit of a grandmother and her 6-year-old granddaughter to a shopping mall in China had gone awry when a shark in an open-top aquarium attacked the little girl.

The victim, identified as Xiao Li, was with her grandmother in the unnamed shopping mall and was among the mall-goers who were watching the sharks swim around inside the aquarium when one of the fish attacked and bit her right hand.

CCTV footage of the incident showed mall-goers scurry away in fright as the shark swam towards Xiao Li.

According to CarbonatedTV, the girl suffered nine bites in her right hand. Her index and little fingers were fractured with extensive damage to nerves and tendons.

CCTV footage from the mall showed mall-goers, including the girl and her relatives, were gathered around the open-top aquarium watching the sharks swim around when one of the fish suddenly attacked and bit the girl’s hand. The footage showed the people scurry away in fright as the shark swam towards the victim.

The grandmother said the child was only  leaning against the aquarium when the shark jumped out of the water and attacked her granddaughter but mall authorities belied her claim.

“In our CCTV footage, the child is seen reaching into the water, which is why this has happened. If you don’t put your hand in the water, a shark wouldn’t normally jump out and attack,” the mall’s sales manager said.

“We have warning signs in place around the aquarium and we broadcast messages too – there are even two supervisors around to remind people to be careful,” the sales manager added.

Warning sign at the aquarium installation (Image from SCMP)

However, the victim’s grandmother insisted that the girl did not put her hand inside the aquarium.

“She did lean against the aquarium glass, but she didn’t reach into the water, the shark just jumped out of the water and attacked her,” she said.

The victim was rushed to a hospital for treatment. Luckily, the child did not lose any of her fingers. The mall management promised to help in her hospitalization.