Nakabibilib! 11-year-old vendor pays back 1K cash she borrowed from netizen, gets lauded

Photo via Bernard Cheng's Facebook post
  • A netizen posted a story about a young vendor girl who paid her loan to him
  • He was so impressed with the girl’s palabra de honor (word of honor)
  • The girl is only eleven years old

A young girl – only eleven years old – has impressed social media users with her palabra de honor.

Story goes that this hardworking girl, as young as she is, has been selling fish cracker and other snack items to help her family. One time she approached, Bernard Cheng, who’s perhaps a regular buyer of her snacks, to borrow some money for her sister who’s sick.

Two weeks after, Charry, the vendor girl, went back to him; not to borrow again but to pay what she owes him!

Truly amazed by the girl’s integrity, netizen Cheng couldn’t help but post her story on social media.

On his Facebook wall, Cheng shared a photo of himself and Charry —  whom he said is so young and yet she knows how to value integrity; specifically, palabra de honor or word of honor.

Photo via Bernard Cheng’s Facebook post

He began his post with: “Pag nang-utang dapat binabayad.”

Cheng also mentioned how debts could end friendship and bring about bitterness; perhaps as per his own experiences.

He then narrated how much he appreciates the young roving vendor who exemplifies persons with palabra de honor; not to mention her being industrious.

Cheng further shared that Charry approached him two weeks ago to borrow a thousand pesos for her sister who was sick. He said he handed her the money but gave her the impression that it’s a loan because he wanted to avoid being treated as a milking station.

However, he said that “deep inside I don’t really have any intention anymore of asking it back.”

True to her word, after two weeks Charry went over to him and handed him the one thousand pesos she owes him.

Photo via Bernard Cheng’s Facebook post

Obviously surprised yet delighted, he further posted: “Fast forward to today. Guess what? She was holding a blue bill (1k bill) and handing it to me. She is returning what she owed.”

He couldn’t help but laud the girl: “My goodness, here was an 11 year old girl na may palabra de honor. Here was an 11 year old girl who behaves better than some high fallutin’ english speaking guys who talk a lot but couldn’t pay their utangs.”

Cheng, out of admiration, became generous with Charry. He gave half of the paid amount back to the girl; saying he’ll keep the rest in case Charry will need to borrow again. If not, he intends to save it for her Christmas angpao, he added.

Clearly, the girl has left him dumbfounded. “Alam mo, Charry, I have always admired your fighting spirit. But now I respect you with all my heart because you know what? MARUNONG KA MAGBAYAD NG UTANG. Thank you for again inspiring me.”

Some commenters on the post mentioned that Charry sells in the Banaue, Del Monte area in Quezon City and that she’s so hardworking and respectful. Others also praised Cheng for his kindness towards the young girl.

And guess what? Thousands reacted positively to this story while some 11,000 have already shared this on their social media accounts while tagging some TV shows.

May this story remind us of our word of honor. If a young girl can practice it, so can we.

Meanwhile, here’s the full post of Bernard Cheng:

Image capture of Bernard Cheng’s Facebook post





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