Noynoy: It’s important for the people to know the president’s health

Image capture from Noynoy Aquino's FB photo
  • Noynoy Aquino said President Rodrigo Duterte should inform the public about the status of his health
  • He said, the President informing his Cabinet about his health is under the Constitution
  • Aquino said it would be hard for Duterte to answer each time somebody raises the question; suggested to delegate it to his officials

Former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III said on Tuesday that President Rodrigo Duterte should share to the public the status of his health; this was during the commemoration of the 35th death anniversary of his father, the former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

In response to questions from the press, Aquino said, as per GMA News, “Kung walang issue, kayang-kayang sagutin. Palagay ko naman importante rin ‘yun na magpakalma sa sambayanan na talagang maging klarong-klaro at maliwanag na maliwanag, lalo na pag may nagtatanong.”

[If there’s no issue, it could be easily answered. I think it’s important to calm the public by giving them clear information when somebody is asking.]

“Nasa Constitution ‘yan. If I remember correctly, the Cabinet must be fully aware of the health of the President,” he added.

[That’s stated in the Constitution. If I remember correctly, the Cabinet must be fully aware of the health of the President.]

Image capture from Noynoy Aquino’s FB photo

The former chief executive, however, said it would be hard if every time someone raises the issue, Duterte should show proof that he’s in a positive condition.

He said it would be easier for him to talk to his officials to do the job; thus, comments from his critics such as what was earlier stated by Jose Maria Sison that he is in a coma could easily be debunked.

Aquino mentioned Duterte’s stamina and health has been tested during the presidential election campaign, and he never heard of an issue that he didn’t attend his appearances.

Image capture from Noynoy Aquino’s FB photo

To note, Aquino’s health was also an issue during his leadership.