Oplan Iwas Kalokohan: HS teacher uses 1/32 sheet of paper in short quiz to avoid cheating

Image capture from Netherland Retusto's FB photo
  • Teacher uses 1/32 sheet of paper in school quizzes
  • She has used the strategy for a year now
  • It gets positive responses from her students

A secondary school teacher had a rather unusual approach to combat cheating on her class that she’s been doing for a year now, and it’s working based on the feedback from her students.

Netherland Retusto tagged her strategy as “Iwas Oplan Kalokohan”; the policy is to use a 1/32 sheet of paper during short quizzes instead of the conventional 1/4 and 1/2 sheet of paper.

Before implementing the rule, she posted on Facebook, there must be an agreement among her students about their handwriting.

Her strategy works, she said, as she gets positive comments from her students such as “It’s cute,” “We are challenged,” and “It’s quite interesting.”

Image capture from Netherland Retusto’s FB photo

“So I had my conclusion that I should continue doing this Oplan Iwas Kalokohan for the whole academic year again though this is just one way to avoid the “pangongopya” but it still works.”

Netherland said a teacher is an evaluator of learning, hence, “assessment will help the teacher to utilize results as the basis for further learning goals of the students so the quizzes and exams should be reliable and valid to diagnose the difficulties of the students or to improve more the performance itself.”

The educator admitted she cheated when she was a student, and she does not want her students to take revenge on her mistakes.

There is no DepEd order nor a Republic Act restricting teacher to use a small sheet of paper for a quiz composed of ten to 20 items only.

Her post went viral on Facebook with more than 54,000 reactions, 9,900 comments, and 32,000 shares as of posting.

Based on her social media profile, Netherland is a senior high school faculty at the University of Perpetual Help — Calamba.

Interesting, right?

Image capture from Netherland Retusto’s FB photo
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