PGH PA condemns Ramon Tulfo ‘cyberbullying, shaming’ a medical staff

Image capture from Philippines Defense Forces Forum's FB photo
  • Ramon Tulfo’s driver accidentally hit a six-year-old girl
  • They rushed the child victim to the Philippine General Hospital
  • Tulfo said the doctor refused to treat the victim saying he didn’t want it recorded
  • The journalist uploaded the video on social media
  • A group of doctors accuses Tulfo of cyberbullying and doctor shaming

Veteran radio broadcaster and newspaper columnist Ramon Tulfo is facing accusations of cyberbullying and shaming from a group of doctors regarding a video he uploaded on social media.

The broadcaster, on Thursday, uploaded a Facebook video taken in the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) emergency room wherein he could be seen pronouncing expletive words at a medical staff, demanding priority for a six-year-old girl whom his staff accidentally hit, based on a Rappler post.

The Physicians’ Association of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH PA) said the name of the triage officer has been disclosed without his approval, and the people were not anonymized in the video.

ABS-CBN News quoted the group saying, “Cyberbullying and doctor shaming are not only punishable by Philippine law, these also demean the health care workers’ and patients’ rights to privacy. We stand firm with the PGH community in upholding the rights of our staff, students, and especially the patients whom we serve.”

Image capture from Ramon Tulfo’s FB photo

On his post, Tulfo mentioned he is in a convoy going back to his office from a relief operation when his driver accidentally hit the child in a street of Navotas; after which they rushed to the PGH emergency room.

Tulfo further stated “no amount of pleading” made the doctor gives the child a first aid treatment as they do not want the video recorded.

PGH replied, as per GMA News, that the doctor continued the treatment but refused to be captured on video, citing the Data Privacy Law.

The medical facility said prohibiting video recording is a part of their policy in accordance with the right to privacy of the minor victim and the mother; since it wasn’t done with a consent from the mother.

The triage doctor may take legal actions as he, a PGH statement said, does not deserve “his reputation and character besmirched”; they likewise maintain that the act of uploading the video online was illegal.

The hospital denounced the journalist’s behavior as “completely unacceptable and unbecoming especially from a supposedly veteran journalist seeking help for the victim his vehicle had bumped.”

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His abusive language, the hospital said, compromised the performance of the ER services of the hospital and the efficiency of its personnel; saying it could have been an outright endangerment of the lives of the patients had there been a life or death situation.

“It is the primary purpose of PGH to save lives. It is a difficult and often daunting task especially considering the realities of PGH. In this, our doctors are committed to dedicating their lives. It is our duty to defend against all who attempt to undermine this goal,” it said.