Claudine Barretto says movie with Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina is a “fulfilled promise”

Image by Claudine Barretto and Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube
  • Claudine Barretto revealed that Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina had made her a promise way back that she will direct one of her films
  • Now, Claudine is set to do a reunion movie with Piolo Pascual
  • The actress said her comeback movie with Piolo will be filmed in Prague or France

Claudine Barretto is beyond grateful to Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina for accepting to direct her comeback film.

Image by Claudine Barretto via Instagram

The actress, who has been in showbiz hiatus for a while will soon star with Piolo Pascual in their upcoming reunion film. The movie will be directed by no less than the blockbuster director.

Claudine said Direk Cathy’s acceptance was a fulfilment of a promise she made way back.

She said, “She has been my A.D. (assistant director) for so many movies and I remember when we were in Milan I told her, ‘Direk ha don’t forget kapag magdi-direk ka, kami ni Piolo,’ ganyan and she stayed true sa promise niya.”

Claudine shared she’s looking forward to begin working. “I would love to work with her because I know how she is sa set bilang A.D. and bilang director,” she said.

The actress also revealed that they will soon start filming in Prague or France, both known for their historic and colorful baroque buildings.

“I started packing already so ‘yun. We are leaving for Prague or France, end of October or end of September for my movie with Piolo,” Claudine stated.

Claudine also said she is ecstatic to be working with Piolo again, whom she calls as one of her bestfriends. She said, “I love Piolo so much, he is one of my best best friends here in showbiz.”

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube

While more details of their reunion film have yet to be revealed, it’s already confirmed that it will not be a sequel of Piolo and Claudine’s last movie, “Milan.”