Francis Magundayao pays tribute to local farmers by wearing a palay-embellished suit

Images via @elyandredagli | Francis Magundayao's IG
  • Young actor Francis Magundayao paid tribute to local farmers at the ABS-CBN Ball
  • He wore a suit embellished with real palay
  • The colors of the Philippine flag were also added to the design

Young actor Francis Magundayao wore a suit embellished with real palay at the ABS-CBN Ball, as he pays tribute to the country’s local farmers.

Image via @elyandredagli | Francis Magundayao’s IG

Through an Instagram post, Francis said the first thing that came to his mind when he was told of the ABS-CBN Ball’s theme were the contributions and sacrifices of the hardworking Filipino farmers.

“When I was told of this year’s theme, the first thing I thought about was our farmers. For most of my life, I have been part of a large artist collective, and with it, I have realized that part of being an artist is to tell the truth. This is the truth. In light of Ms. Gina Lopez’s legacy I was also inspired to share my own advocacy,” he wrote on the caption of his photos.

“Our farmers have long been oppressed by big capitalist powers, and it’s our duty as Filipinos to raise such awareness. Mr. @paolobaltazar26 helped me pay tribute to the hardwork of our local farmers by designing a minimalist piece inspired by the details found in grains of rice. He embellished it with real Palay for a truly eye-popping, 3D effect,” he continued.

The designer also added the colors of the Philippine flag on the right arm of the suit. Francis said the colors intend to honor “the hardwork and sacrifices of our farmers” and to “show our pride in the Philippines”.

Francis was first known as Iking in the series, Darna. He is also known for his roles in Sana Maulit Muli, May Bukas Pa, and Aryana.

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