Jessa Zaragoza returns to taping after successful thumb surgery

Image via @jessazaragoza | Instagram and Facebook
  • Jessa Zaragoza is back to work after a thumb surgery
  • She posted on Instagram that she just had a surgery without giving any details 
  • The “Pepito Manaloto” actress hoped for a swift recovery so that she can do again the things she loves to do

Jessa Zaragoza  may still have her hand bandaged from her trigger thumb surgery but she seems to be back at work already.

Image via @jessazaragoza | Instagram

The singer-actress posted an instagram video with veteran actress Nova Villa on September 28.  She told fans, “Today is still a good day, kahit na mayroong [damage].  You hide it na lang with a band.”  She was at a “Pepito Manaloto” taping.  She also uploaded a recent singing gig with her daughter Jayda as part of the celebration of National Daughter’s Day.

Jessa shared on Instagram on September 24 that she just underwent a trigger thumb surgery.  She thanked her doctor and looked forward for a fast recovery to get her back to her daily activities.

“And so i did it… Just got out from my trigger thumb surgery. Thank you to my doctor, Dr JJ Pua for taking care of me during the procedure. Looking forward to a swift recovery so I can use my hand again, like I could before, normally, without pain. Can’t wait also to get back to doing things I wanna do, to further better and improve myself, ” she captioned her photo.

Image via @jessazaragoza | Instagram

Jessa did not share how she obtained the medical condition.

According to American Academy of Orthapaedic Surgeons, trigger thumb is a condition that causes pain, stiffness and a feeling of locking, or catching when one bends and straightens their finger which may be triggered by medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis or through forceful hand activities.

Her fans commented on her recent post: “Get well soon Ms. Jessa.”

“Still Pretty kahit my injured ms @jessazaragoza

Having this condition is indeed painful and can disrupt you from functioning normally.  We also hope you get well soon, Miss Jessa!

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