Jinri Park on unpaid talent fees: “This is true. It’s been 4 years. I don’t even know if I’ll ever get paid”

Image via @jinri_88 | Instagram
  • Jinri Park lamented on Twitter about her unpaid talent fees from an organizer and companies which she has waited for years
  • It was Ethel Booba who first disclosed on Twitter about two TV shows which still owe her TF up to now
  • Netizens empathized and shared different advice for Jinri

It is not surprising that talents also experience some delays in payments of their rendered services and Jinri Park has just boldly admitted to be one of them.

Image via @jinri_88 | Twitter

Jinri Park, a South Korean actress and model has vented on Twitter that there was an event coordinator who has not paid her for four years and some big companies  which she had been waiting for three years.  She felt that these clients demand high professionalism from talents yet they don’t have it themselves.

She might have gotten the spirit to reveal her sentiments after TV personality and comedienne Ethel Booba first aired on Twitter that she doesn’t like to do TV guesting anymore since somebody hasn’t paid her for almost a year and another for more than five months,  She even mentioned the shows who still owe her after a netizen asked her to name drop the program ——- Minute to Win it and  Gandang Gabi Vice,

Image via @IamEthylGabison | Twitter

Meanwhile, Jinri  kept mum about the companies she was referring to.  In her succeeding post she said, “I really want to just reveal who these clients are. But I’m still being professional and patiently waiting. Now 3-4 years of waiting. Don’t know how much longer I can wait.”

Her Twitter fans who were also disgusted advised her:

“Drop those clients! So other talents won’t be bamboozled too.”

“Don’t let them abuse you…and others…You can ask assistance from the media…”

‘The stress you’re getting from this isn’t worth it. You gave them several years already. Go get what is yours!”

So far, no company has admitted to have been responsible for Jinri’s unpaid talent fees.  meanwhile, Luis Manzano, host of  “Minute to Win it “, has offered to help Ethel resolve the issue.  She tweeted, “Nagmessage na saken si Luis para tulungan macheck at hanapin sino may problema if sa bangko or sa management. Charot!”  She also revealed in another post that “Gandang Gabi Vice”  has reached out to her.

Jinri is a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate who was once a DJ.  She is also an international  Jiu-Jitsu champion who has just won four medals at a competition in Tokyo, Japan March of last year.

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