Maris Racal’s ‘underwater’ pictorial brings us back to a 2014 version by Lee Jong-Hyun

Image via @maristeller | Instagram
  • Maris Racal’s amazing “underwater” photoshoot impressed netizens
  • The behind the scene image gave us a glimpse of an expectation versus reality example
  • Lee Jong-hyun of CNBLUE did a same concept pictorial for South Korea Vogue magazine earlier in 2014

Maris Racal had the netizens buzzing lately because of her unusual photoshoot concept to promote her movie ” I’m Ellenya L’.

Image via @maristeller | Instagram

One of her images was an underwater theme photographed by Nice Print Photography which was executed flawlessly and made everyone thinking it was real.   She even quoted, “Ganda naman ng pool dito sa Vegas. Nakakawaterproof! Bukas na ang I’m Ellenya L!!!”  But the succeeding photo was a funny spoiler of the behind the scene that had netizens commenting:

“Hahaha! naatik jud ko ni Ellenya ay!!  abi nako naa ka sa pool nag higda.”  – Naloko ako ni Ellenya!  Akala ko sa pool siya nakahiga.


But did you know that this concept is just another version of a 2014 photoshoot of the Band CNBLUE’s Lee Jong-hyun?  The South Korean singer-songwriter, guitarist, musician and actor did a print ad for a fashion magazine Vogue Korea that made all photographers around the world talking. The “underwater” pictorial made us believe that he was in a pool with moist, sexy skin that reflects and blends under the shadows of water.

Image capture of video by Vogue Korea via YouTube

His photographer, Shin Sun-hye, shared, “There was an image that came to my mind when the foundation was the theme. Moist and sexy skin with water shadows. And a man who is in the foundation. Lee Jong-hyun has a white and graceful face and very nice eyes that are reminiscent of Count Dracula. Yet a nice face with wit! I wanted to capture his image as it is.”

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