‘Please bring pizza, doughnuts’: Late PMA cadet’s letter to family goes viral, breaks hearts online

Image via @rocksea.strong | Facebook
  • One of Darwin Dormitorio’s final letters to his family is currently making rounds online
  • In his letter, the late Philippine Military Academy cadet said he’s okay and simply asked for pizza and doughnuts
  • As of posting, the post about the letter was already shared more than 15,000 times

Amid all the cries for justice and heartfelt messages posted on different social media platforms, one of the final letters written by the late Philippine Military Academy Cadet Fourth Class Darwin Dormitorio suddenly surfaced online; a handwritten letter which, somehow, reflects the beautiful s0ul of the young man.


Image capture via @rocksea.strong | Facebook

Posted by Facebook user @rocksea.strong (who calls him “Kuya Dar”), the letter was addressed to his family and was apparently penned sometime in August. Dormitorio — who was then c0nfined in a h0spital — assured his parents and siblings that he is fine and his friends inside the academy visit him every once in a while.

But if they could go to  him, he only has a few simple requests: money to buy extra uniform, pizza, and doughnuts.

“Baka hanggang August 26, 2019 o later pa ako makalabas kaya puwede n’yo pa ako ma-visit. Miss ko na kayong lahat. Kung makakabisita si Kuya o Ate, padalhan n’yo ako pera at pizza at doughnut. Hehe! ‘Yon lang, Ma at Pa. Sana makaabot ‘tong mensahe sa inyo,” he said in a letter written in their local dialect but was translated by a Twitter user.

[I might be here until August 26, 2019, or later. You can still visit me. I miss all of you. If Kuya or Ate could visit me here, please send some money, pizza, and doughnut. Hehe! That’s all, mom and dad. I hope you get this message.]

The 20-year-old PMA caded ended his letter by telling them, “I love you all.”

Dormitorio’s letter was translated by Twitter user @babygiiirlofEXO:

Image via @babygiiirlofEXO | Twitter

Meanwhile, social media users continue to call for justice using the hashtag, #JusticeForDarwin; expressing support to the family of the late cadet.

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