‘Superman, for real?’ Netizens can’t get over Mister Global-USA’s national costume

Images via Missosology - Male Pageants | Facebook
  • The Mister Global 2019 winner has been crowned but netizens still cannot get over Mister Global-USA 2019’s national costume
  • Mister Global-USA 2019 Branden Cruz wore a Superman costume for the national costume pictorial
  • Social media users continue to react and comment on his photos even after the pageant

The Mister Global 2019 winner has been crowned but social media users still cannot get over what Mister Global-USA 2019 wore for the national costume pictorial: Superman’s costume.

Image via Pixabay

On Facebook, Missosology – Male Pageants uploaded the official national costume portraits of the contestants of Mister Global 2019 a couple of days before the pageant. But even after the new Mister Global was crowned, social media users continue to react and comment on Mister Global-USA 2019 Branden Cruz’s photos.

Many are still trying to figure out, “What’s the best national costume for a candidate from the USA?”; saying that the candidate should have worn a different national costume instead of choosing to be Superman during the photoshoot. Others thought, “Superman? For real?” While some understand his judgment; believing that he genuinely thought wearing such was a good idea.

Cruz, on the other hand, was so much more than just what he wore during a pageant-related activiy. A motivational health/fitness coach, one of his main advocacies was “letting the world know there is a strong warrior within all of us.” To note, he has been an inspiration to many even before he joined the competition.

“I’ve learned that on the days we feel most down, we don’t want to get up and be active. I believe combining motivational speaking and educational tools for health and fitness are the perfect ingredients to an optimal transformation,” he said. “It’s time for that warrior inside of you to grow and prosper.”

Image capture from Facebook

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