“They lived healthily ever after”: Disney World and Disneyland goes vegan

Image capture of video from Disney via Twitter
  • Disney world recently revealed they will start serving vegan meals at Disney’s U.S. theme parks
  • More than 400 plant-based menu items will be available at the food stalls and restaurants of Walt Disney World and Disneyland
  • For the visitors to determine the vegan dishes, a green-leaf icon will be put beside the menu items
Image capture of video from Disney via Twitter

Disneyland and Disney World have become one of the happiest places on Earth; not just for children but for all ages. And soon, they will also become one of the healthiest places in the planet.

The company recently announced that they will soon be serving vegan or plant-based meals at all of its restaurants and quick-meal stalls. The first will be at the Walt Disney World in Florida and the Disneyland Resort in California.

According to Disney officials, they have observed that guests have embraced vegan offerings on their menus from all around the world. That is why they have been inspired to offer more plant-based dishes.

It is expected that more than 400 vegan dishes will be available. Some of the meals are current recipes, while others will be new dishes.

The dishes will be made from vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, and legumes. It won’t have any animal meat, dairy, eggs or honey.

Image capture of video from Disney via Twitter

Today, there are approximately 602 places to eat at The Walt Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Most of these restaurants are uniquely installed to a theme park land or hotel.

But for non-vegetable eaters, there will still be places that will offer hamburgers and hot dogs. These food stalls are among the biggest sellers at Disney World. They usually serve millions of burgers, hot dogs, and turkey legs every year.

According to the “Vegan Disney World” guide, there is a scarcity in the food options for vegan within the parks. That is why the expansion of vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals is a huge step to promote wellness among the Disney visitor.

Image capture of video from Disney via Twitter (click image to watch the video)

In order to identify which of the dishes is vegan, there will be a green-leaf icon on the every menu. Now, that would be easy, right?

One of the people who was delighted by this announcement is Eric Brent, founder of the vegan dining guide HappyCow.  According to him, “Vegans and those seeking plant-based options are in seventh heaven with all the good news and awareness.”

We’re certain Disney’s recent increase in offerings will be well received, and hopefully we’ll soon see a day when they go fully compassionate regarding their food options,” he added.

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