Alex Gonzaga’s entertaining vlog with Mayor Isko trends on YouTube

Image captureof video via @Alex Gonzaga | YouTube
  • Alex Gonzaga featured a vlog with Yorme Isko Moreno on her channel and it’s now trending on YouTube
  • She had a short joy ride on his car where she made an impromptu car raid revealing Isko’s shirts, emergency kit and his paycheck worth P122,000
  • The mayor toured the YouTube star at the Mehan Garden and shared his plans to beautify the  place for the public to enjoy

Perhaps, Mayor Isko Moreno is the most well-loved, popular and looked up to politician in the country today.  His Duterte style of governance but with a more subtle and humorous way of conversing is winning the hearts of many, especially the Manileños.

Image capture  of video via @Alex Gonzaga | YouTuber

Of course, Alex Gonzaga wouldn’t let this year pass without having an interview with actor turned politician Isko.  Her vlog entitled, ” A tour with Mayor Isko by Alex Gonzaga,” is the no.1 trending YouTube video at the moment of writing; earning more than 2M views in just 24 hours.

Alex met Mayor Isko at the Rizal Park, and both took a ride going to their destination,  Mehan Garden, which will be opened to the public soon.

“Alam n’yo, Mayor, gusto ko pong sabihin sa inyo na idol ko po kayo.  Bata pa lang po ako pinapanood ko na po kayo.  Tuwang -tuwa po ako tuwing nakikita ko kayo sa dating daan.  Ay!” Alex started her signature type of humor  which made Mayor Isko burst into laughter.

Along the way, Alex was able to uncover why the mayor loves to roam around the city at night.  He said, “Kasi kailangan ang paggo-gobyerno is 24 hrs. ”

“Yong efficiency kasi ng pamamahala is not because you can do it. You can do everything. The efficiency of governance is can you be duplicated,” he elaborated.

Image capture of video via @Alex Gonzaga | YouTube

The YouTube star also made an impromptu car raid, which revealed Isko’s clothes, an emergency kit, his salary of P122,000 still on a check, and the award given to him by Letran for his public service.

They passed by Bonifacio Shrine, which caught Alex’s attention. The place is now restored with beautiful lights in the night ideal for a relaxing walk or just a short break from a day’s work. The park also offers a wifi connection for the public.

Both arrived at the Mehan Garden. The Mayor took her around the place and showed her the government’s plans on improving the garden, which includes planting more trees and having lights and sounds show.

Alex popped a question, “Yorme , pag may hater po ba kayo nakakabasa po ba kayo ng hater? Ano’ng ginagawa n’yo?”

“Nakakabasa ako. Block! Move on,” the mayor answered.

Mayor Isko brought her to the spot where he plans to have a mass garden wedding; saying, “Magkakasal ako rito. Gusto kong iparanas sa mga mahihirap ang garden wedding.”

Image capture of video via @Alex Gonzaga | YouTube

The mayor disclosed that he was born in Tondo and grew up in the same place.  His showbiz career started when he was discovered at a funeral eating snacks.  In his early life, he used to invite himself to funerals and eat the prepared meals for the visitors.

The park’s restroom was impressive. According to Alex, it’s like the comfort room of the rich. He is going to deploy security guards once the park opens to the public.

Alex got a chance to introduce his boyfriend to Yorme Isko and jokingly said, “Yorme, ipapakilala ko naman ang yorme sa buhay ko.  Who did it better!”  Isko was giggling on her introduction.  On the intro of her vlog, Alex joked around her boyfriend; referring to him as Isko.

And finally, she invited the mayor to do a “eat a pagpag challenge” using pastil.  Alex also told the viewers that Yorme Isko’s talent fee for his Jag Jeans endorsement was donated to the Philippine General Hospital.

Thank you, Alex, for that fun vlog.  We were able to see a different side of Yorme Isko outside the four corners of his office. And to Yorme, more power, and thank you for your genuine public service to the people of Manila.

Watch for the full vlog here and get ready to laugh.

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