Andi Eigenmann surfs again 2 months after childbirth

Image via @andieigengirl | Instagram
  • Andi Eigenmann went surfing again two months after giving birth to second child
  • She felt her body isn’t that strong yet despite the regular exercise
  • Andi has been religiously posting  her fitness journey to inspire and teach women to also set goals for themselves

Perhaps, nothing can stop  Andi from getting back to the sea.  Just two months after giving birth, Andi Eigenmann has started dipping in the gigantic waves of Siargao.  Her recent post on Instagram showed just how a determined woman she is.

Image via @andieigengirl | Instagram

“Body still feels sort of broken, still not as strong as I thought I would be, albeit the daily exercise, ” she described her post-baby condition.

“I feel like I am back to basics with my stiff arms and abs buried underneath the remaining pregnancy weight, ” she continued.  However,  she emphasized that in surfing you do not need to have skills that are over the top to be thrilled, that is why she loves this sport.

“I’d actually gladly go back to square one because the way surfing makes me feel would always be worth it.”

She has always been updating her fitness journey activities right after giving birth.  6 weeks after, she was happy to announce that she is back at the gym with some mild workout for a start.  She has also been following a pescatarian diet which is more on water, no processed foods, no unnatural sugars, as much as possible no dairy and no white rice.

August 28, she started swimming again after her spotting stopped.  Aside from having her own fitness goals, she also makes sure that she is also educating other women the right way.

“Because it’s not about achieving the body that someone else has. That will never happen. It’s about achieving the best body you can give yourself.”

Her own motivation is still her own body when it was still slim and at the top of its shape.

“That’s how looking at old pics of myself motivates me. I don’t just see the body, I remember the feeling as well, and it excites me to feel the same way again.”

Image via @andieigengirl | Instagram

Andi had her second baby, Lilo, via C-section and she has always been embracing her body from all its flaws after giving birth like her noticeable stretch marks, post-baby bump, weight gain, and even her postpartum baby blues.  This is the reason why we think Andi has dramatically changed into a mature woman now with the help of her new love Philmar Alipayo.  In her eyes, we see happiness and contentment radiate as she lives a simple laid back life in Siargao.

Enjoying mommyhood, that’s Andi!

Source:  Cosmopolitan  Instagram