Cat monks are the next cutest thing in Japan

Image via @Nekojizo | Instagram
  • Cat monks are among the cutest attractions in Nyan Nyan Ji (Meow Meow Shrine) located at Kyoto, Japan
  • Head cat priest, Koyuki, greets visitors as they worship in this cat-themed shrine
  • You can also enjoy dining at their cat cafe with feline designed foods or buy gifts from their souvenir shop

For feline lovers, your trip to Japan would be worthwhile.  The country where characters “Hello Kitty ” and “Krocchi” were born does not only have cat cafes to entertain you but also has cat monks to greet you as you worship.

Image via @Nekojizo | Instagram

Nyan Nyan Ji (or Meow Meow Shrine) is a temple for cat monks located in Kyoto.  As you enter the shrine, you will be greeted by the head monk, Koyuki, who is the sweetest cat in the temple.  Koyuki is a white cat often dressed in his black coat,  beaded necklace, and square-shaped tan scarf.

Aside from Koyuki, other cats live in the shrine; namely: Waka, Chin, and Aruji (males), and three females Konastu, Chicchi, and Ren females). Some are priest apprentices who find their way to interact with the guests.

Are you feeling hungry?  You do not need to go somewhere else because the shrine also has a cat cafe where you can order cat-themed snacks and there’s a gift shop for your souvenir needs named “Littlefootmark Ren”.

Nyan Nyan Ji was opened by Toru Kaya;  a well-known painter of shrines and temples. He designed the temple in the theme of his favorite cat.  The shrine’s exact address is at 520 Yasekonoecho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 601-1253, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

Image via @osamutabuchi | Twitter

So when you want to unleash the cat-lover side of you on your next visit to Japan, never miss to include this in your bucket list.

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