DA urges Filipinos not to waste rice, may shift to eating other crops like corn, camote, or gabi

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  • Over the years, the Department of Agriculture consistently campaigns on avoiding rice wastage in celebration of  Rice Awareness Month every November
  • Filipinos leave two spoonfuls of rice uneaten in a day, according to the DA
  • The DA region 7 information officer is urging everyone to be responsible in preparing and consuming rice as well as to try other crops like camote, corn, and gabi to help local farmers

Perhaps, two spoonfuls of uneaten rice thrown into the dumpster may not be a big deal.  But the Philippines now has a population of over 100 million. Even if half of that continues to behave in such manner, food wastage is considerably at a significant level. 

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Yes, the two spoonfuls of rice a day spoiled by Filipinos is a fact. This was tweeted by the Department of Agriculture (DA) in region 7 information officer Melquiades Ibarra in line with Rice Awareness Month this November.  Following this,  the DA encouraged Filipinos to buy or prepare rice just enough to be consumed in a day or try other crops like camote and corn to help our local farmers.

He said, “I urge everyone to take part in the National Rice Awareness Month by reducing rice consumption and/or shift to eating other crops like corn, camote, or gabi, not only to avoid rice wastage but to also to help in the increase of local farmers’ income.”

According to the DA, rice production in Central Visayas is declining. 

Earlier this year, Manny Pinol shared with Business Mirror that it can be attributed to the dry spell the region has suffered. 

The Philippine Statistics Authority report on the Philippine rice inventory this September showed a 13.7% increase versus the same month last year.  However, this is 14% short from the previous months.

So the NFA has procured more rice from other regions like Western Visayas and some parts of Luzon to fill in their warehouses. 

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With the increasing population and downward production in rice, maybe it is time for us to be conscious of our eating habits; not just about the amount of food we waste but also of our fellow Filipinos who are indigent and hungry. 

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