Did you know? ‘Lolo’ in iconic McDo commercial was once a matinee idol

Images Nhoie Gurrobat and @rsfrancisco888 | Facebook/Instagram
  • Well-loved grandfather in the iconic McDonald’s commercial was once a matinee idol
  • “Pambansang Lolo” Rudy Francisco was in the showbiz industry for six years, until he decided to pursue his passion and became a lawyer
  • The late actor passed away in May 2019

Did you know that the well-loved grandfather in the iconic McDonald’s commercial was once a matinee idol? Yes, you read that right. Long before actor-turned-lawyer Rudy Francisco became the “Pambansang Lolo”, he was one of the most handsome actors in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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In Ricky Lo’s 2014 Funfare column entitled “A birthday tribute to the oldest living Sampaguitan”, it was disclosed that Rudy left his job as an actor to follow his heart and be a lawyer.

“He’s Rudy Francisco, the Sampaguita Pictures matinee idol who turned his back on showbiz just when he was a breath away from full stardom to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer,” Lo wrote.

“Described by his actor-son R.S. Francisco as ‘tall, dark and handsome with an aquiline nose and deep-set brooding dark eyes’, Rudy was in showbiz for only six years (1950-1956) and appeared in 16 movies,” he added. According to the son, it was him who pushed his father to audition for the commercial; believing that such role is suited for him.

‘Lo, Karen po’

The touching ad tells of an old man who mistakes his granddaughter, Karen, for his daughter, Gina.

His granddaughter keeps insisting that she is not Gina but Karen. The old man is unable to correct himself and Karen thinks that her granddad had forgotten about her. In the end, he saves half of his burger; saying it’s for his favorite granddaughter Karen, which leaves a heartwarming smile on Karen’s face, as well as those of the audience watching.

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Up to this day, so many people still remember that iconic Pinoy commercial.

In May 2019, the late actor passed away; leaving not only his loved ones grieving, but also the people who were touched by his commercial.

Throwback. The classic television ad starring Karen Delos Reyes and “Lolo” Rudy Francisco:

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