Father dancing while wearing baby in carrier is the cutest thing

Image capture of video by Keith Allen Bozeman from Facebook
  • A father dancing  to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” while wearing his baby catches the hearts of netizens
  • The video was uploaded by Keith Allen Bozeman, who was mistaken to be the one dancing
  • Babywearing is good for the parent and baby because it increases the bond between them

A father who is babywearing while dancing is the latest father-baby bonding  video you can see on the internet,

Click the image to watch the video via Facebook | Allen Bozeman

Keith Allen Bozeman posted a video about a week ago on Facebook and titled it “Reasons We Can’t Get a Paternity Leave” .  In the video is a man who’s baby-wearing an infant assumed to be his baby as he grooves to the ’70s song “Stayin’ Alive” by Bee Gees.  He moved in a breakdance fashion while occasionally holding his baby’s arms to move it with the beat.  The baby’s emotionless reaction makes it funnier though.  Well, at least the same with his dad who took their performance seriously.

Netizens shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Those are some intense dance moves and will add them to my bag of tricks. The outfit, not so much!

That baby arms going to be sore the next day!! Cute

This dad needs to go on Ellen DeGeneres and dance with tWitch!!!!

This viral video has earned 6.7 million views, 54k reactions, 32k comments, and 108k shares.

Image capture of video by Keith Allen Bozeman from Facebook

Meanwhile, Keith was mistaken to be the dancing dad in the video by an international journalist who dropped a comment.

“Hi Keith, love the video of you and the baby dancing. I’m a journalist with an international news and viral video agency called Newsflare. Can you send me a message so we can discuss?”

With this, Keith clarified the confusion on his Facebook post.

“For anyone that thinks that’s me and my baby, unfortunately, it’s not. I aspire to join the realm of Great Fathers and SuperDads, but at this time, that’s not my calling.”

Selen Yilmaz, the founder of Joimove International, said that dancing with the baby creates a powerful connection with them. It also helps to improve your baby’s coordination, balance, and strength.  Furthermore, it boosts the baby’s self-esteem and happiness and encourages both to be active.

Image via Flickr

So what do you dads think?  A little try is not bad at all!

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