‘He has no rice to eat’: Teacher shares heartbreaking excuse letter from student’s parent

Image via Jen Dullente | Facebook
  • Teacher Jen Dullente shared a heartbreaking excuse letter from her student’s parent
  • The parent told her the reason why the student failed to attend class for three days
  • It was disclosed on the short letter that they had “no rice to eat” that time because the child’s father could not drive a sikad

While the most common reasons that we see in excuse letters are sickness and urgent family matters, a teacher recently received a letter from her student’s parent saying that the child was not able to go to school for three days because they had nothing to eat that time.

Image via Jen Dullente | Facebook

On Facebook, the teacher, Jen Dullente, uploaded the photo of the heartbreaking excuse letter.

“Dear Sir/Ma’am. Please excuse my son for being absent for three days because he has no rice to eat, his father cannot drive sikad. Thank you for your consideration,” read the letter written by the parent.

Dullente, who got deeply affected by the letter, said this is the exact reason why she chose to be a teacher.

“As I read my student’s excuse letter, a magnitude of realization slaps me! That’s why I choose to be a teacher: to lend a hand to students like them and make them perceive that poverty is not a wall to break but an opportunity to climb and see what lies behind,” she wrote.

As of posting, the photo has gotten more than 8,600 shares and over 9,300 reactions.

While making a lot of Facebook users sad because of the student’s situation, many people also praised the parents for doing their best to provide for their child’s education and the kid for not giving up.

Many also hope that the post will reach the right people who will help the family.

Image capture from Facebook

Source: Facebook