Hero dog finds a missing child in 10 minutes

Image via Shelby County Sheriff's Office - Ohio | Facebook Page
  • K-9 Bandit and Deputy Bleigh were on a task to locate a missing 3-year-old one afternoon
  • Bandit searched at the front of the house and within 10 minutes found the lost toddler
  • This story was posted by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office where readers poured their praises

For the police, dogs play an essential role in their rescue operations. Indeed, this canine has proven its character, opposite to its name — Bandit.

Image via Shelby County Sheriff’s Office – Ohio | Facebook Page

At 12:47 PM, October 9, Deputy Bleigh and K-9 Bandit were dispatched to 15045 Sidney Plattsville Rd in a mission to find a missing 3-year-old.  The canine first searched at the front of the house and within 10 minutes, located the child about a quarter of a mile from their home.

This report was posted on the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office – Ohio Facebook page with a photo of Bandit happily smiling and looking proud of himself.  The Sherrif’s office added, “This is exactly why we have dog units, watching this track you could tell very well that Bandit had the scent of the child and was well on his way to finding him. I would like to thank Frank and Bandit for a job well done and it was so amazing to watch this unfold.”

Readers were happy with Bandit’s heroic deed and gave praises in the comments.

Heartwarming outcome! Awesome job K9 Bandit and handler. So glad the child was found safe and so quickly. Thanks for your service from Texas!

Awesome! Way to go, K-9 Bandit! You the man! Thank you so much for your dedicated service! Officers are so wonderful, but no one can take the place of these special noses, our beloved, K-9’s! God bless them all! Bandit looks so happy too!

Image via Pixabay

K-9 Bandit is a 3-year-old German Shepherd who just went on duty last March.  He replaced K-9 Colt who retired from service and is now moving on as a family pet.

According to American Kennel Club,  German Shepherds are an excellent breed for  k-9 dogs because of their character.  These dogs got courage, loyalty, confidence, and ability to learn commands for multiple tasks.  Moreover, they are willing to defend you, even putting their lives at risk.

Great job, Deputy Beigh, and K-9 Bandit!  And to all the dogs and officers around the world who do their jobs to save others, we salute you.

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