How does a Heart Evangelista react to eating “isaw”?

Image via @iamhearte | Instagram
  • Heart Evangelista collaborates again with YouTube influencer Mimiyuuuh for a requested vlog on her channel
  • Heart did an ASMR makeup video on Mimiyuuuh while the later challenged her to eat Filipino street food
  • The Kapuso actress has a funny yet classy reaction when she was challeneged to eat “isaw”, saying it tastes like a dinosaur

Actress Heart Evangelista is known to be a very classy woman, but look, she tried a different beat in her latest vlog.  She collaborated with YouTube superstar Mimiyuuuh for the second time and it is where she did an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) makeup challenge followed by a mukbang on Filipino street food —— fried isaw, kikiam, cheese sticks, fish balls, and squid balls.

Image capture of video by Love Marie Escudero via YouTube

The requested video first started with the Kapuso star applying makeup on  Mimiyuuuh using Happy Skin Cosmetics  via ASMR.  Now, what is autonomous sensory meridian response? According to, ASMR describes a feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation that can come over someone when he or she watches certain videos or hears certain sounds. For the video, they whispered while talking on a microphone to achieve that feeling so the audio is best heard with headphones on.

On the second part, Mimiyuuuh tested Heart’s appetite for street food. The fun part was when she was asked to eat fried “isaw”.

“Oh my God! I don’t eat that,” Heart confessed. But Mimiyuuuh gave her a push,” It’s about time that  you eat something new up here.’

“I may be picky but I’m a good person so please don’t judge,” she readily disclosed.  Yet she was still game to take it in and this was how she reacted:

Image capture of video by Love Marie Escudero via YouTube

“I don’t like it!”

“Akin na! Akin na! Sayang!” Mimiyuuuh pleaded with her.

“I don’t really eat intestines. It tastes like dinosaur,” she told the YouTube star who kept giggling over her reaction.

She also shared that “betamax” is also one street food she dislikes.  “Betamax is a hardened chicken or pork blood skewered in bamboo sticks and grilled.

Well, over all we were entertained.  We think that the GMA-7 actress still managed to still act with finesse even at the top of her objection to fried “isaw”.  But nonetheless she was so truthful on what she just can’t take.  Looking forward to another collaboration with Mimiyuuuh, Heart!

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