Lady Gaga falls off stage together with an invited fan

Image capture via @CBS News | YouTube
  • Lady Gaga fell off stage together with an invited fan as the latter missed his steps on the platform while carrying the singer
  • She was quick to return to her feet, telling her fans she’s okay.
  • The singer forgave the guy named Jack and begged fans not to be hard on him

We know how Lady Gaga moves around the stage, which led her to a few mishaps before.  But on Thursday night another falling off the stage incident happened which made fans worried.

Image capture of video via Global Trends YouTube

Lady Gaga was doing her sold-out Las Vegas residency show Enigma when an unexpected tumble happened.  The 33-year-old singer invited a male fan to join and dance with her onstage.  The guy named Jack greeted her with a hug while Gaga did the same.  The singer then climbed up to his arms for her to be carried.  But as they started bouncing around, Jack unknowingly came to the edge of the platform, thus resulting in a fall where Gaga landed first.

The audience screamed. The singer, with the help of the security guards, was back on her feet immediately and reassured her fans she was okay.

“Everything’s okay, everything’s okay!” she told fans as she finds her way backstage together with the guy.  Her only complaint was, “The only thing that’s not OK is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up.”

Lady Gaga then consoled the shaken guy and told him it was not his fault.

“Could you promise me something? Could you forgive yourself right now for what just happened?”  She continued in a joyful manner, “It’s amazing.  We love each other so much we fell off the damn stage. We fell into each other’s arms. We’re like Jack and Rose from Titanic.”

The multi-awarded singer also pleaded to her fans to be easy on Jack, who might be a target of criticisms on social media.

“If anybody on the internet is mean to you tomorrow about this, then I’m going to be very upset with each and every one of them.”

Image via @ladygaga | Instagram

A day after, Mother Monster posted a photo on Instagram, which was an Xray image of a hand in an ok sign.

“When they have to X-Ray almost your entire body… Just Dance. Gonna be ok.”

She went on to attend a friend’s birthday after that.

Here is a compilation of the different videos from fans after the incident.

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