Looking back: When Burger King stopped selling Whopper for a day to support competitor’s advocacy

Images via Burger King
  • People online remembered how Burger King supported McDo’s advocacy before
  • On McHappy Day, all Big Mac sales are donated to Ronald McDonald’s house charities that help children with cancer
  • BK did not sell its famous whopper for a day; bought Big Mac from its competitor

People online recalled how Burger King supported the advocacy of its competitor by not selling its famous whopper for a day.

On LinkedIn, James Osborne remembered how BK joined hands with McDonald’s when the latter held its McHappy Day in Argentina.

“Just love the concept of the ‘Day Without Whopper’….They have literally stopped selling their no.1 selling product for one day, all to support their competitor’s fundraising targets,” he wrote.

Other LinkedIn users also praised the fastfood restaurant for its initiative.

“Given the competitive world we live in, this is something to warm the cockles on a cold winter night. Love the image. A #truce support #ChildrenWithCancer. Bravo. Thanks for sharing,” said David Sobo.

“There are so many things in life which are more important then money. Great seeing the two biggest competitors pulling on one string even if one steps back a bit!” commented Ben Gosebruch.

“This is awesome. So good to see a company stepping up with an actual sacrifice for somebody else’s benefit, rather than simply trying to increase profits on the backs of charities for better optics. That’s just real. Burger King, #respect,” Shaun Finney stated.

Image via Burger King

Every year in Argentina, McDonald’s celebrates McHappy Day; a day in which all Big Mac sales are donated to a charitable foundation that helps children with cancer.

“We wanted to embrace the cause and decided not to sell any whopper during the whole day, and encourage our customers to go and buy a Big Mac at McDonald’s restaurants,” BK said.

Watch this video to see how Burger King supported McDo’s advocacy by not selling whoppers for a day:

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And take note, the “King” himself bought McDo’s Big Mac, as well!

Image via Burger King

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