Marian Rivera’s excuse to limit Zia’s screen time: “Sira ang iPad”

Image via @marianrivera | Instagram
  • Marian Rivera limits Zia’s gadget use by saying, “Sira ang iPad”
  • Sometimes she lends Zia her phone during long travels
  • Excessive screen time can have detrimental effects on a kid’s physical, behavioral and mental health

We are in the age of gadgets and  it would be so hard to shy away from these devices because oftentimes they are useful.   But when our kids see us browsing through our smartphones or watching videos on our iPad, they want to do the same.  Admittedly, many parents hand over their devices to their kids  if only to keep them busy while we attend to other things.  But is that ok?

Image via @marianrivera | Instagram

Celebrity mom, Marian Rivera shared during the Smart Parenting Masterclass: Toddler Expert Tips last September how she limits screen time for her 4-year-old daughter Zia.  No other excuses, no other reasons, but only this, “Sabi ko sira ‘yung iPad niya.”

Her daughter used to own an iPad but she has learned how to reduce her screen time with that line. Though on occasion, she finds these gadgets helpful, especially during extended travels.

“Minsan, kapag kinakailangan, like mahaba ‘yung travel, ibibigay ko ‘yung phone ko sa kanya and manonood siya. But not most of the time.”

According to science,  too much gadget use can result in any of these five harmful effects on children.  And we believe that this includes adults also.

  1. It can lead to “Screen Dependency Disorder”.  Kids with this condition are glued to their gadgets, picking them up the moment they wake up and sticking to those screens even at mealtimes.  If this continues, the child may have issues in behavioral, emotional, and physical aspects leading to brain deterioration.
  2. The child’s speech development is late.  Being on gadgets most of the time can hinder social interactions with others where they can practice actual sounds and words.
  3. The parent-child relationship suffers.  Kids prefer to search on the internet for answers rather than asking firsthand from their parents.
  4. It can result in an irregular sleeping schedule.  Being hooked to a video can make you stay active for hours.  So if you sleep late, chances are, you will be sleepy and grumpy the following day.
  5. It inhibits learning.  According to a study, writing with our own hands exercises the brain more than just typing on a screen.
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Marian, being a hands-on mom, absolutely knows she is doing the right things with Zia.

How about you?  How do you handle screen time with your kids?  Share it with us now.

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