Matteo on playing the iconic Pedro Penduko: It’s overwhelming, a dream come true

Image via Cha Echaluce
  • Matteo Guidicelli is the newest actor to play the iconic comic hero Pedro Penduko
  • The stars who previously played the role of Pedro Penduko were Efren Reyes, Sr. (1954), Ramon Zamora (1973 and 1974), Janno Gibbs (1994 and 2000), and Matt Evans (2006 to 2007)
  • Matteo said playing the iconic character in the 2020 film is a dream come true for him

Are you excited for the reimagining of Francisco Coching’s iconic Filipino comic book character, Pedro Penduko? Matteo Guidicelli has just been introduced as the actor who will play the role of Pedro in the 2020 film Penduko.

Image via VIVA Films

In a press conference, Matteo expressed happiness on being chosen as the newest actor to play the iconic comic book hero.

“It was really overwhelming, a dream come true,” the actor said; sharing that he watched a number of Pedro Penduko movies and series in the past, particularly the ones top billed by Janno Gibbs (fondly called the “Most Popular Pedro Penduko”) and Matt Evans who was the only actor who potrayed the character in a television program

On the other hand, despite watching the previous versions, Matteo assured that he will introduce a different Pedro in the much-awaited remake.

“It will be very fresh and new,” he told reporters when asked if he will get inspiration from the aforementioned actors.

In the reimagining of the classic Pedro Penduko, the well-loved comic character lives the life of a law breaker after being orphaned and aband0ned at a young age. Unable to find his place in the society, Pedro embarks on a journey to his mother’s homeland, Bag-ompala — a pocket dimension in which the inhabitants are ancient Filipinos who not only preserved their traditional way of life but have also maintained their penchant for the supernatural.

There, the lead character will discover his vibrant heritage and the spiritual power that has remained dormant in him while he was in the modern world.

Image via Cha Echaluce

Matteo said his recent training as an elite scout ranger with the Armed Forces of the Philippines will truly be of great use in this action film.

Viva Films and Epik Studios are the ones behind the 2020 movie. It will be written and directed by award-winning and sought-after director Jason Paul Laxamana; the brilliant mind behind the hit movies 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, The Day After Valentines, and Just a Stranger.